L-110 Insect Catcher

  • Specifications
  • ** Each set contains 2 light tubes and 1 glue trap paper
    15watt x2pcs of U.V. insect attraction tubes
    Size: 57x23x25mm
    Weight: 3.2kgs
    Coverage: 28m2
    Carton size: 59.4x48.5x58cm
    N.W./G.W.: 12.8kgs / 13.8kgs
    Measurement: 6cuft
    1CBM = 6cartons

  • Instructions
  • 1. Mount the insect catcher on the wall at 180~220cm height in order to keep out of the reach of children

    2. Remove the release paper from glue paper then put into drawer

    3. Close the drawer, turn on the power

    4. Ideal for restaurants, offices, hotels & residence.


  • Notes
  • 1. 24 hours continuous use, change glue trap paper each 2 weeks to achieve the best insect-catching efficiency.

    2. Turn off the power before install, cleaning and maintenance.

    3. Change the tube each 6 months or when tube turns black.

    4. In case of contact with the glue, use vegetable oil to remove from skin then washing by warm water with mild soap.