R-109 Mouse Glue Trap (4 in 1)

  • Specifications
  • Material: plastic tray with glue
    Trap size: 13.5x9cm
    Glued area: 11x6.5cm
    4pcs/set, 120sets/carton
    N.W./G.W.: 20kgs / 21kgs
    Carton size: 57x38x42cm
    Measurement: 3.3cuft
    1CBM = 10cartons
    Barcode: 4712833900186

  • Instructions
  • Notes
  • 1. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

    2. In case of contact with the glue, use vegetable oil to remove from skin then washing by warm water with mild soap.

    3. Avoid physical contact with captured mice.

    4. Do not leave traps unattended if unable to inspect trap twice a day.

    5. To dispose used glue traps, wrap with newspaper and throw into garbage can.