About us


Since 1990

DUONG, the professional factory of Mouse Glue Trap, was founded in Taiwan in 1990. The production and commercialization are in charge by Mr. A. T. Lee who is the original founder and under the effort of all the working staff. DUONG is making all efforts to export and sale abroad Mouse Glue Trap and relative products into the markets of everywhere in the world. Basing on the strict quality control and continue to research all kinds of varied Mouse Glue Trap, the complete acceptance of orders, the production, the commercialization service labor. Nowadays, we are quite famous in this area. DUONG are the leader trademark of the Mouse Glue Trap's market and now a lot of large-scale shopping malls are placing orders and asking DUONG to produce their OEM ( Original Equipment Manufacturing ) products.


In 2002, due to the market activities expansion, we reorganized our company organization, expanded the commercialization scope and moved our factory to the area of the Industrial park of Wugu in Taipei County. The factory building occupies over five hundred square meters in surface. We set-up a full automatic production system, and the annual production amount reaches to three million sets of Mouse Glue Trap.


In 2003, we obtained THE WORLD QUALITY ACCREDITATION OF ISO 9001:2000, making the products of our company got into the quality threshold of world-wide level. At the moment our company is producing three kinds of main products: Mouse Glue Trap, Roach Glue Trap and Fly Trap (paper).


We also provide our clients the "custom-made" service. We accept the customer's request of product design form and all kinds of formulas for the adhesive indicated by our clients from the product design, production and quality control, testing to the product delivery. We always keep the spirit of "First of all the quality and the service" to manage our business. Facing to the improvement of the living environment and the enhancement of the people living standard. Our company even making more effort to research and develop new products, hoping that we can offer better products for improve the life quality for the people of the whole world, making all of people can be liberated from the menace of the " TOXIC" sources, because we do know that "we only have one earth".